International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ)

ICEJIn 1980 Christian supporters of Israel established the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem as a practical expression of the desire of believers throughout the world to bless and comfort Zion. The Embassy opened after the international community condemned Israel for declaring united Jerusalem the "eternal and indivisible capital" of the reborn Jewish state. As 13 nations moved their embassies from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv due to a threatened Arab oil embargo, 1400 Christians from 40 countries decided to open their own Embassy in Jerusalem. It was an act of solidarity with the Jewish people's 3000-year-old connection to their holy city. Today, Christians everywhere have an Embassy representing them in Jerusalem, an effective channel for their concern and love for Israel.

Highways to Zion - 2 DVDs
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Replacement Theology
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The Challenge of Israel
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The Significance of the Temple Mount
Click Here for Product Details! The significance of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem lies in the purpose for which God chose it. In this DVD, Michael Utterback, International Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, takes us back to when David bought the threshing...