Tiberius Caesar  – The Roman Emperor In The Time Of Jesus
Tiberius Caesar  – The Roman Emperor In The Time Of Jesus Filmed live on a tour guided by Dr Randall Smith and following in the footsteps of Paul through a part of Italy, this DVD takes us into the world of Tiberius Caesar, the Emperor who reigned in Rome during the ministry of Jesus in Galilee. In fact, it was under his rule that Jesus was crucified. At first Dr Smith takes the viewer to the maritime villa of Tiberius at Sperlonga, where we gain insight into the religion of Tiberius and learn about an event during an earthquake that led to the formation of some significant relationships in the life of Tiberius.

Then, after taking a hydrofoil to the beautiful Isle of Capri, the viewer will share the breathtaking views from the height of the precipice where Tiberius’ second castle, Villa Jovis, was built. There, at the ruins of that villa, Dr Smith discusses the Roman army and the armour of God for the believer (Ephesians 6).

We gain insight into the middle-eastern and Mediterranean world at the time of the Lord Jesus Christ and His first followers and learn more about Paul’s teaching as to how we should maintain ourselves and live triumphantly as believers.

This DVD is truly a must see and so relevant for our time.

Sandy Sheridan wrote:
“I found this DVD so, so, interesting, having “not a clue” about most of the information, even though I had travelled there - that was way back in 1953!! No hydrofoils in those days! I will delight in viewing it again and again, as there is so much of interest, and once again I commend you on your excellent work - the peninsula and island so beautiful, the colours so vibrant - I marvelled at the videography, and also at the inserts that you add as additional background material to enhance what Dr Randall Smith is teaching.    
I will be sharing it with a group of friends.  May our Lord bless you, and provide you with all the tools you need to continue with this informative series, and reward you abundantly for your faithfulness.”
And Isaac Prince wrote:
“I find the DVD to be of great blessing. I will have to watch it again.
Much appreciated – we keep praying for your ministry...”

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Tiberius Caesar  – The Roman Emperor In The Time Of Jesus R99.95
August 21, 2017
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