Highways to Zion - 2 DVDs
Highways to Zion - 2 DVDs Highways to Zion is a DVD presentation with a clear challenge to all Christians around the world concerning the Church's God-ordained ministry to the nation of Israel at this point in time.

As the Bible teaches that Israel is blinded (2 Cor. 3:14), so it also appears that the Church at large is blinded concerning our present call, obligation and responsibility to this nation. Are all Christians aware of God's plan and purpose for the Church today? Is it not perhaps true that much time and effort in Churches are spent in vain because we are not busy accomplishing our calling?

In this DVD Malcolm Hedding (Director) and Michael Utterback (International Director) of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem present the Church with an eye-opening challenge to rise up to the task that lays before us. Filmed on location in Jerusalem, Highways to Zion consists of four short volumes, which can easily be viewed individually during church sermons, in smaller groups, or as part of personal Bible study.

Volume 1: The story of the nation of Israel
Volume 2: Israel, the servant of the Covenants of God
Volume 3: God's plan for the Restoration of the Nation of Israel
Volume 4: What is the relationship between the Church and Israel?

This DVD is a must see for every believer in Jesus Christ.

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
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July 25, 2017
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