Faith 2 - The testing of your faith
Faith 2 - The testing of your faith In this DVD Bill Randles explains that God has to test our faith. He says that God's promises are provisional. The way God tested Israel in the wilderness is a good example of how God usually deals with His people.

God made many promises to Israel, but between the time of the promises and their fulfillment, there were times of trials and testing. He led them out of Egypt, but when they reached the Red Sea, the Egyptians were upon them. Instead of trusting God, they panicked. He gave them deliverance and they rejoiced, but only after the deliverance. They should have rejoiced before the test, trusting in God to give them deliverance. Next they find themselves in a situation where they had no water; again they failed the test by murmuring, instead of trusting God for the outcome.

Likewise, we as children of God, face many trials. God's purpose in giving us these trials is to show us what is in our hearts. This way we will learn from our mistakes and grow in our faithfulness and loyalty towards God.

Duration: 55 minutes
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July 25, 2017
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