Servant Songs
Servant Songs In Isaiah 41, God calls the people of the earth to His judgment hall to present their cases. He shows them that idol worship is not only wicked but stupid; then He introduces His Son, His Servant, from Isaiah 42 onwards.

From Isaiah 42 to 53 we find three servant songs, or three parts where God foretold, by the mouth of Isaiah, the coming of His Son, the purpose of His coming, and the way in which He will vindicate His Father and fulfill His purpose.

Do you really appreciate the work of God in your life?

Have we forgotten that to ignore God is the greatest Sin of all?

In this DVD Bill Randles brings us back to a new appreciation of who Jesus is, and shows us, that without Him, our whole life is a total waste and under the condemnation of God.

Duration: 48 minutes
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July 25, 2017
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